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The difference between TFT and LED screen
Release Time:2022-09-20
1. The definitions of the two are different
TFT is an abbreviation for thin-film transistor. TFT display is a variety of notebook computers and desktops on the mainstream display equipment, each liquid crystal pixel on the display is integrated in the pixel behind the thin film transistor to drive, so the TFT display is also a class of active matrix liquid crystal display equipment.
LIGHT-emitting diodes are referred to as LEDs for short. It is made of compounds containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and the like. When electrons are combined with holes, they can radiate visible light, so they can be used to make light-emitting diodes. As an indicator light in circuits and instruments, or as a text or digital display.
2, the principle of the two is different
The TFT's display uses a "back-reflection" irradiation method – the hypothetical light source path is not top-to-bottom like TN liquid crystal, but from bottom to top. This is done by setting a special light tube on the back of the liquid crystal, and when the light source is illuminated, it is revealed upward through the lower polarizer.
Like ordinary diodes, LEDs are composed of a PN junction and also have unidirectional conductivity. When a forward voltage is added to the LIGHT-emitting diode, the holes injected from the P region to the N region and the electrons injected into the P region from the N region are recombined with the electrons in the N region and the holes in the P region within a few microns near the PN junction, respectively, to produce spontaneously radiated fluorescence.
3. The application of the two is different
TFT-LCD has the advantages of delicate and vivid image, light weight, low power consumption and good environmental performance, and is widely used in TVs, laptops, mobile phones, monitors and other equipment.
LED is mainly used for AC power indicator, AC switch indicator, AC power outlet indicator, LED advertising sign light, LED monochrome or color display, color display for outdoor large-screen TV. LED street lights, LED car signal lights and LED electric vehicle lights, safety tube header indicators

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