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What are the advantages of TFT LCD screen?
Release Time:2022-09-06
First, the display quality is high

Because each point of the TFT LCD screen maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it constantly emits light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT) that needs to constantly refresh the bright spots. Therefore, the TFT LCD screen has high image quality and does not flicker, reducing eye fatigue to a very low level.

Second, the visible area is large

For LCD screens of the same size, the viewing area of TFT LCD screens is larger. The viewing area of the TFT LCD is the same as its diagonal size. The cathode ray tube LCD picture tube has a bezel of about one inch around the front panel of the tube that cannot be used for display.

Third, the digital interface

TFT LCD screens are digital, unlike cathode ray tube color displays that use an analog interface. In other words, with the TFT LCD, the graphics card no longer needs to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and then output it as usual. In theory, this would make the color more accurate and perfect.

Fourth, the "figure" is well-proportioned and small

Traditional cathode ray tube displays always drag a bulky ray tube behind them. TFT LCD screen breaks through this limitation and gives people a new feeling. The traditional LCD screen is to emit electron beams to the screen through electrons, so the tube neck of the picture tube cannot be done very short, and when the screen is increased, it will inevitably increase the volume of the entire display. The TFT LCD screen controls the state of the liquid crystal molecules through the electrodes on the LCD screen to achieve the purpose of display, even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase proportionally, and it is much lighter than the traditional display with the same display area in weight.

Fifth, the power consumption is small

The traditional LCD screen is composed of many circuits, which need to consume a lot of power when driving the cathode ray picture tube to work, and as the volume continues to increase, the power consumed by the internal circuit will certainly increase. In contrast, the power consumption of TFT LCD screens is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and driver ICs, so the power consumption is much smaller than that of traditional displays
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