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LCD module
Release Time:2022-07-13
The LCD module is simply a screen + backlight assembly. The display component of the LCD TV is the liquid crystal module, and its status is equivalent to the picture tube in the CRT. Other parts include power supply circuits, signal processing circuits, etc., and of course, housings and so on. The module is mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but work independently of each other (i.e. the circuit is not correlated).

The principle of liquid crystal display is that the backlight assembly emits a uniform surface light, and the light is transmitted to our eyes through the LCD screen. The role of the screen is to process these lights by pixels to display the image. Both parts contain a large number of components, which will not be elaborated here. The best technology is Sharp, followed by Samsung Sony.

Accessories such as control ICs, filters, and orientation films used in the manufacture of LCD panels are related to the contrast ratio of the panel. For ordinary users, a contrast ratio of 350:1 is enough, but in the professional field, such a contrast ratio is not enough. meet the needs of users. Compared with CRT monitors, it is easy to achieve a contrast ratio of 500:1 or even higher. Only high-end liquid crystal displays can achieve such a level. Since the contrast ratio is difficult to accurately measure by the instrument, you still have to see it yourself when you choose it.
Little Ant Tip: Contrast is very important. It can be said that it is a more important indicator for selecting LCD than bright spots. When you know that your customers buy LCDs for entertainment and watching video discs, you can emphasize that contrast is more important than no dead pixels. , When we watch streaming media, the brightness of the film source is generally not large, but to see the light and dark contrast of the character scene, and the texture change from gray to black, it is necessary to rely on the level of contrast to show. ViewSonic's VG and VX have always emphasized the contrast ratio. The VG910S has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. We compared this with Samsung's dual-head graphics card. In the 256-level grayscale test in the test software, you can see more small gray grids clearly when you look up, which means the contrast is good!
Liquid crystal is a substance between solid state and liquid state. It cannot emit light by itself, and it needs an additional light source. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display. The earliest liquid crystal displays only had two upper and lower light tubes. Up to now, the lowest of the popular type is four lights, and the high-end one is six lights. The four-lamp design is divided into three placement forms: one is that there is one lamp on each of the four sides, but the disadvantage is that there will be black shadows in the middle. The solution is to arrange the four lamps horizontally from top to bottom. The last one is the "U" shape, which is actually two lamps produced by two lamps in disguise. The six-lamp design actually uses three lamps. The manufacturer bends the three lamps into a "U" shape and then places them in parallel to achieve the effect of six lamps.
Little Ant Tip: Brightness is also a more important indicator. The brighter the LCD is, it will stand out from a row of LCD walls. It is called Xianliang, and BenQ is called Ruicai) by increasing the current of the shadow mask tube and bombarding the phosphor to produce a brighter effect. Such technology is generally traded at the expense of image quality and the life of the display. All Products using this type of technology are all bright by default. You always have to press a button to execute. Press 3X to play games; press it again to 5X to watch video discs. , if you want to see the text, you have to return to the normal text mode honestly. This kind of design is actually to let everyone not use the highlight. The principle of LCD display brightness is different from that of CRT. They are realized by the brightness of the backlight tube behind the panel. Therefore, the lamp should be designed more, and the light will be uniform. In the early days, when we sold LCDs, we told others that LCDs had three pieces, so it was a great thing, but at that time, Chi Mei CRV came up with a six-lamp technology. The so-called six; such a six-tube design, coupled with the fact that the lamp itself is very strong, the panel is very bright, such a masterpiece is represented by VA712 in ViewSonic; but all bright panels will have a fatal Injury, the screen will leak light. This term is rarely mentioned by ordinary people. I personally think it is very important. Light leakage means that under a completely black screen, the liquid crystal is not black, but white and gray. Therefore, a good LCD should not focus on brightness, but on contrast. ViewSonic's VP and VG series are products that do not focus on brightness, but on contrast!

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